April 4th, 2017

Vänern@GEO: Slutrapport 2017-02-15

Slutrapport för Vänernprojektet vid Institutionen för geovetenskaper, som har varit aktivt i ca 2,5 år. Projektet består av flera delar, där det finns...

Vänerlandskapet LTSER

“Understanding today’s global change in social factors, economic areas and ecosystem services demands a clear understanding of its past. Unless these matters are studied in their historical context, there can be no measurement of relative change.”

The Vänerlandskapet LTSER (Long Term Socio Ecological Research) platform developed 2010 from a regional and municipality initiative 2007, Vänersamarbetet, which aims to connect stakeholders in favour of sustainable regional development around Lake Vänern. The network offers a scientific forum to facilitate research and support collaboration among scholars, policymakers, scientists and the general public around Lake Vänern.

The LTER Vänern site, within the LTSER platform, is an initiative where researchers study the development of the ecological systems of the lake through monitoring and scientific projects.

 In Sweden exists fourteen LTER sites and two closely collaborating LTSER platforms Vänerlandskapet LTSER and LTSER-Bergslagen. The European network is represented with more than 400 LTER sites across Europe.