January 22nd, 2014 - Meetings.

PECSRL 2014 – The Logic of Landscape and Antiquarian Practice


8-12 September 2014 in Gothenburg and Mariestad, Sweden

Instructions for submission of abstracts are available on the conference website: http://www.pecsrl2014.com/abstracts.html

The main theme of the conference is “Unraveling the logics of landscape“. The conference will elaborate on how the rural landscape is valued, monitored, changed, harbored, used and misused, be it through actions, representations or metaphors. There are a large number of organized sessions planned for PECSRL 2014, as well as sessions relating to the general themes of the conference.

Keynote speakers
• Associate Professor Tom Mels, Uppsala University, Sweden
• National MAB coordinator Johanna MacTaggart, Biosphere Reserve Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle, Sweden
• Associate Professor Theano S. Terkenli, University of the Aegean, Lesbos, Greece
• University Professor Emeritus, Rudy Rabbinge, Sustainable Development & Food Security, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
• Professor Kristian Kristiansen, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Key dates

2014-01-31 – Deadline for abstracts for oral and poster presentations (300 words)
2014-02-15 – Registration opens
2014-04-15 – Early registration ends

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Mirek Dymitrow Conference Secretary

Department of Economy and Society Unit for Human Geography School of Business, Economics and Law University of Gothenburg P.O. Box 630; SE-405 30 GÖTEBORG, Sweden E-mail: pecsrl2014@gu.se Web: www.pecsrl2014.com