Vänerlandskapet LTSER 

The overarching aim of the Vänerlandskapet LTSER (Long Term Socio Ecological Research) is to develop the scientific basis for a resilient society favoring a multi disciplinary research from a resource perspective. The way to contribute to the overarching aim is by a two-pronged strategy: First, by stimulating research of the complex interconnectedness between the natural landscape of Vänerlandskapet, its historical, current and future use. Second, by creating a communication forum for handling complex interconnections that only can be grasped in an integrated approach. Taking supra-regional processes such as global changes and socio-economics into account. These aims, exemplified below, can only be prioritised as they are being implemented and in line with the resources that come on-stream:

  • Facilitating research of long-term ecological processes in relevant habitats and assessment of development trends in ecosystem services.
  • Help to create an efficient form of organization and achieving permanent financial support for the Vänerlandskapet LTSER
  • Integrating, harmonising and focusing research activities and facilities in the region (work programs, parameter sets, strategy development)
  • Collaboration between different specialist fields
  • Close links between science and relevant stakeholders and users such as decisionmakers, planers, educational establishments etc.
  • Facilitating harmonization of data
  • Achieving synergies by linking data collections, monitoring and research
  • Facilitating of development scenarios and empirical models
  • Development of strategies to secure, exchange and optimally exploit data, information and meta-information on the region
  • Establish the Vänerlandskapet LTSER (as a label) in all publicity work related to LTSER activities
  • Research communication to the general public and stake holders

LTER Vänern

The water body of Lake Vänern and 300 meters of the shore-line is within the LTSER region represented as the LTER Vänern (Long Term Ecological Research) site. Within this site lies is the sampling stations of the national environmental survey of the lake. The main present research themes are lake physics and chemistry, climate change impacts on limnology and its biological consequences, and fish resource dynamics.

The aims of  LTER Vänern:

  • To use Lake Vänern as a model area for sustainable use of lake ecosystem services.
  • To coordinate produced data and results within the region and make them accessible to scientists and a broader general public.
  • To build a functional infrastructure with existing support services in the area and to create new cross-disciplinary research projects.